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Jan 25, 2012

Sketchcrawl #34 - Los Angeles

Last Saturday, January 21st, was Sketchcrawl #34, and I finally got to go to one! (I always missed them in the past, a few days late every time I checked the schedule.) We all met up at Union Station, only a few blocks away from where I live in Little Tokyo, so I was able to get a ride there from my husband, and then I walked back after I was done.

Met a lot of really great artists there, was inspired by everyone, made some new friends. I love the Sketchcrawl!!!

Sketches from that day:

I saw this guy sitting in the waiting area and asked him if he wouldn't mind playing his guitar for us. We had him for about 7 minutes before we all had to leave for lunch break, but I got his contact info to send him this sketch. He had a crazily studded black leather jacket that really stood out from the crowd. A really nice singing voice as well.

I also did one more drawing, two cops, one standing and one straddling his bike, but while I was finishing up the last details on the piece the standing cop walked over to me, saw my sketch, and asked if he could buy it. I asked for five bucks, he gave it to me, thanked me, and told me he would hang it up in the (police station?) office. That's the first time I've ever earned money for sketching in public!

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