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Jan 15, 2012

James Jean @Gallery Nucleus

Matt and I went to the James Jean signing for his book Rebus last night at the Gallery Nucleus. :) We stopped by the Q-Pop shop in Little Tokyo first to check out their Thailand Flood Relief Fundraiser (my favorite piece was the unicorn costume...), though we didn't bid on anything as we're both low on cash this week.

At the James Jean signing I saw Dan Holland, an artist who I'd been looking for on Facebook but couldn't quite remember his name in the past. I met him during Rad Sechrist's sketchmeet at the Americana a few months back, and remembered being really envious of his drawing skill. He has a very confident drawing style, which is something I need to work on.

Anyway, here're the photos Matt and I took last night of our meeting with the one and only James Jean! It was a little nerve-wracking to meet him, as we realized in the waiting line that he was actually taking the time to sign everyone's book with a personal drawing and everything. As we didn't want to just sit there silently staring at him in awe while he was drawing the whole time, we tried to think up smart questions so that he wouldn't think we were unintelligent fans or something (lol). I think I ended up sounding silly anyway when I asked him my question, which was "Do you ever draw something bad? I always feel like I have to get through 20 bad drawings before I finally get to something that's just OK." His answer: "Oh, I come up with bad drawings all the time, I just hide them and never show them to anyone." I mean, I know that's how everyone works (there's that photographer's saying that for every one good photo you get, you have to shoot 100 bad ones as well), but still it was liberating to hear James Jean say that he actually draws things he wants to hide from people as well.

Matt says we could be long lost cousins. Hah, I wish.

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