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Jan 13, 2012

Stephen Silver sketch meet

I went to Stephen Silver's sketch meet last night, and John Tucker came to model as a pirate. I hear he's one of the top figure models in Los Angeles, and I can see why. Some of the poses he held looked painful to be holding for so long, and from a few years' experience in martial arts I know that he must have great balance to be able to not fall over after holding still for minutes at a time, pose after pose after pose... he's a great actor as well. He really gets into the feeling of the pose, really leans and falls into the role, as though we artists watch him in a movie, and at a key moment hit 'pause'....

Anyway, here are my sketches from last night. :) The first round was one-minute sketches, the next round was 5 minutes, and in the last we had to observe Mr. Tucker in a pose for thirty seconds, after which he got to relax and we artists sweated and bled onto our sketchbooks, trying to remember all the angles and curves and eventually just making things up in order to finish the drawing... we all groaned at the end of that round, but it also got the most smiles out of the group.

One-minute sketches:

You can see that the first two sketches I didn't really finish, but by the third sketch I was getting the timing down and getting everything from head to toe in.

Some of these are good and some not so good. I think next time I go to one of these (this was a first for me) I'll be using my big sketchbook. Also I didn't choose the best seat, and had Mr. Tucker's back to me for most of the sketches. :(

Five-minute sketches:

These were the most fun for me. I actually got to draw the model's expressions!

Thirty-second observation and then drawing from memory:

I did much better the second time around, but then again I chose a pose that didn't involve drawing his face (in order to not get distracted!). Next time I'll choose a harder angle to memorize.

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