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Jan 10, 2012

Committing to Blogger

I've played around with Blogger and WordPress as options for keeping a blog, and I've finally decided to commit to Blogger. :) However I'm having trouble getting this template to look like it did in the example, haha... it'll probably take me a few days to learn my way around here. But I really like how all the artists I admire have blogs here that are suitably customized to their style, and they can follow each other within this community. I'm jumping on the bandwagon!!

Hopefully I'll have actual content and more interesting things to say in the near future. I'll be talking mainly about my struggles with story art and trying to break into the business, and also the classes I'm taking at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Concept Design Academy, and Red Engine Studios. (Maybe more.) I hope to share everything I learn, because in reiterating what I read or experience, I'll be re-educating myself in a deeper, more permanent way.

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