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Jan 31, 2012

Las Vegas sketches

Last Friday night I picked up Matt's mom, Karen, at LAX. We found a Kogi truck and had sliders for dinner, and the next day we met up with Jason at the Daily Dose cafe on Industrial St. for their wonderfully yummy Farmer sandwiches. After that, Matt, Karen, and I headed on out for Vegas! On the drive there I sat in the back seat and drew this quick sketch on my iPad:

I'd like to refine my sketching technique for foliage. I'm a huge fan of Christian Schellewald's drawing and painting style, and I think this last week I've been more influenced by his work than anything else.

I won't go into details about my weekend in Vegas with my husband and mother-in-law (we were celebrating her birthday and also treating her to a vacation in thanks for everything she did for us for our wedding back in November), but here are a few more iPad sketches from casinos we went to:

I saw this young lady walking around holding a thick wad of cash:

I wanted to draw this guy mainly for his wild hairstyle (those sideburns! whew!) but I didn't get a good overall drawing of him. I felt rushed because of all the people walking right up to me to watch me and comment as I sketched, and one time a craps/roulette table manager (?) came up to me and chatted with me about the app I was using, and the stylus I drew with. (Matt and his mom think he was asking about the app and stylus for security purposes, not the one he gave me about it being his young artistic son's birthday next week and wanting to find a suitable present for him, haha!)

On the way back to Los Angeles I actually drew and painted one final piece on my iPad, but Sketchbook Pro CRASHED ON ME when I went to save at the end. It was a landscape IN COLOR (I rarely do color!). I was pissed but too tired to complain about it to anyone, so yeah. Hopefully Sketchbook Pro fixes that inconvenient bug.

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