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May 18, 2012

"She-Devils" Gallery Girls Sketches

Last night I went with Brittany and Peter Paul to GNOMON's Sketch Theatre event. It was really late T_T 10pm-1am, though we only stayed until midnight because Brittany had to be up at 6 the next morning.

Anyway, I... I didn't realize that the girls would be stripping their clothes off with each consecutive pose. When one girl got naked in front of everyone, I actually panicked a little, to my surprise. It was my first time drawing nude women. >_< I calmed down pretty quickly once I realized I was making The Scream face, though.

Anyway... here are the sketches. I am feeling more and more comfortable drawing with ballpoint pen now, thank you Sketching for Environment teacher Ed Li!

That weekend I drew one more demon girl:

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Sketching in Little Tokyo

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San Diego Zoo Trip

Hello, been a while!

Last Sunday, May 13th (Mother's Day) a group of 26 people traveled together from Los Angeles to the San Diego Zoo. We went to draw! I wish I could have gotten photos of other people's work, but friending almost everyone on Facebook is just as good.

Here we all are:

We were there from 10am until 6pm, when the zoo closed. It was probably one of the best art-centered days of my life, just because, y'know. Field trip without teachers, without restraints. Meeting new people and riding the sky gondolas with old friends and new. A sunny day without it being too hot or crowded. The big cats were hiding though, as they usually do on hot sunny days.

After the zoo my car (consisting of Matt le husband, Jason our good friend, Brittany, Jimmy, and myself) drove half an hour to Stone Brewery, which is like... the best restaurant ever. Good food, good beer, beautiful location with giant glass walls, wood beams and ceilings, stone fountains and tables, and a sizable garden right down the steps from the tables where everyone sat and ate and chatted, relaxed and happy.

If you'd like to see the rest of the photos I took that day, click here to the public album I made on Facebook.

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