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Feb 24, 2012

The Drawing Club - Tank Girl

I did a lot of drawings last night but I'm excluding most of them because it took me a long time to warm up.
I included this drawing because I like the composition, but the only pose I did well was the one in the middle.

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Derek said...

These are awesome Steph!

Have you ever considered doing character concept art for a videogame? I can already envision backstories and gameplay motifs for these ladies based off of these.

Very good stuff :]

Brittany Drew said...

Awesome stuff! I love how you played around with her face and character, looks like it was another fun one! =D

Stephanie J. Stine said...

Derek, wow thank you for the compliments! I like to do character designs but I think I need more in my portfolio before I apply for a job like that. Would be really awesome to do though! :)

Brittany--thanks! We missed you at the meet, hope you can come this week!! ;)

Kristina Bustamante said...

Following you! Left a message on your DeviantArt, but yeah, it's the crazy "Family Guy" chick you met at the Drawing Club XD Good stuff! My favorite is the second drawing. What a sexy face and hairstyle! I should do more pen and ink drawings like this.

jimmy ly said...

great gestures! love your use of brush pen!

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